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Dragonpay application is available in our app store!!


Hello, everyone.

Cafe24 now offers the Dragonpay application in our app store. (▶ Click Here)


1. Service Name

- Dragonpay

2. About Service

※ Dragonpay supports online banking, E-wallets, and over-the-counter bank payments.

   - Safeguard sensitive data and protect your clients from fraud.

   - Alternative payment methods for customers without credit cards.

   - Cost-effective savings with low fixed fees and Dragonpay's no-chargeback policy.

3. How to install and conduct settings

-  Please see the app detail page. (▶ Click Here)

4. Pricing

- Price: FREE

- However, separate charge may necessary, in order to create Dragonpay account.

To see more information about Cafe24 payment services, please visit our Shopping Mall Center for Philippines (▶ Click Here)


Cafe24 will do its best to provide the best shopping experiences to our customers.