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COD service is available with Ninja Van!!


Hello, everyone.

Cafe24 now offers the PayMaya application in our app store. (▶ Click Here)


1. Service Name

- Cash on Delivery

2. About Service

- No need to shift from one platform to another - manage fulfillment and delivery all through Cafe24

- Select orders to send Ninja Van and COD app automatically assigns tracking IDs for your shipments.

- Monitor shipments, and see whether products are delivered or still being processed by Ninja Van.

3. How to install and conduct settings

- Please see the app detail page. (Click Here)

4. Pricing

- Price: FREE


To see more information about Cafe24 shipping services, please visit our Shopping Mall Center for Philippines (▶ Click Here)



Cafe24 will do its best to provide the best shopping experiences to our customers.