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[Promotions] We're updating the default coupon validity periods


Update from Cafe24

The default coupon validity periods for frequently used coupons have been updated.

See below for more details.

■ Release date: April 7, 2021

■ Overview

- Service: Smart Mode, Mobile Admin

- Location: Promotions>Coupons>Create coupon

- Update details:

1. The default validity periods for frequently used coupons have been updated. You can manually edit them on the store admin page.

2. [Valid for] is now set as default for [Usage conditions>Validity] and the default coupon period has been updated from "3 days from the selected date of creation" to "30 days from the issuance date."

※ Validity periods are now based on the date of issuance rather than date of creation, as previously, customers could be issued with coupons that had already expired and therefore not be able to use them.

Please note that this update will gradually be rolled out, meaning that it may take some time before you see the changes within your admin page. Thank you for your patience.

We hope you enjoy the update. Don’t forget that Cafe24 is continuously improving its services to ensure that you have the best e-commerce experience.

So, stay tuned for more updates!

The Cafe24 team