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[Customers] We're updating the "Find password/ID" pages.


Update from Cafe24


We have updated to the results page for Forgot password? or Forgot ID? in an effort to better protect your customers’ personal information.

See below for more details

Release date: April 14, 2021


Updated menus: Korean store (front)



1. Forgot ID? - Update


- When customers search for their ID using their phone number or email address, their ID will partially be hidden with asterisks.


2. Forgot password? - Update


- When customers choose to search for their password using either their phone number or email address, they are only able to verify their account using the same method.




The same update will be applied to your store even if you set phone number and i-PIN as verification methods for Find ID? or Find password? (* Only applies to store that use user authentication).


 Please note that this update will gradually be rolled out, meaning that it may take some time before you see the changes within your admin page. Thank you for your patience.

We hope you enjoy the update. Dont forget that Cafe24 is continuously improving its services to ensure that you have the best e-commerce experience.

So, stay tuned for more updates!


The Cafe24 team


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