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[My Store] [Facebook Channel] Product Feed feature added


Update from Cafe24

December 16, 2020 - A new feature that allows you to manage Facebook Catalog more efficiently has been added to Facebook Channel.

Go to Facebook Channel app

See below for more details.

• This service is not optimized for other browsers except Google Chrome. Please use Google Chrome to access this service.


Release date: December 16, 2020

Service: Facebook Channel>Product Feed

How to use:

   1. Access Facebook Channel from your Cafe24 store admin page

        Smart Mode: [Facebook Channel>Product Feed]

        Advanced Mode: [Channels>Facebook>Facebook Channel>Product Feed]

   2. Access Facebook Channel from Cafe24 Store

        Cafe24 Store: Search for 'Facebook Channel' and install the app  ▶ Go to Cafe24 Store

Product Feed features:

    1. Manage individual products to be synced with Facebook Catalog

     You can optimize your Feed by syncing your products with Facebook Catalog and monitoring their approval statuses.

    2. Add additional targeting data to each product

     Optimize audience engagement by adding additional data such as product category, target gender, and target age group.

    3. Automatically matched product categories

     Use Product Feed to automatically match your store's product categories with the correct Facebook product category and manage your store more efficiently.


We hope you enjoy the update. Don’t forget that Cafe24 is continuously improving its services to ensure that you have the best e-commerce experience.

So, stay tuned for more updates!

The Cafe24 team